You Are Our Glory, the Earthquake Relief Warriors
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2008-06-10

At 5 pm of May 29, Sany Group held a grand welcoming ceremony for the members of Sany earthquake relief service team to come home safe and sound. 31members of the team who had just returned from the front was warmly welcomed by the company's management and staff.

The rolling broadcast of giant screen and the picture hung in the Institute displayed people the touching scenes of the relief team carried out the relief and rescue in the front regardless of personal danger. Devastation in disaster areas, hardship of the rescue team, dangerous work conditions, the mud-rock flow and landslides which may occur at any time, all these shocked everyone. Liang Yezhong, secretary of Sany Group CYL, gave his most sincere greetings to the warriors who had returned safely. In his speech he commented that the members of Sany relief service team had been to the disaster area for rescue with the spirit of Sany and Sany's love to the nation and countryfellows.

Sany sent an earthquake relief team of 80 young volunteers to the earthquake-stricken area. They took the heavy responsibility for getting through the blocked roads and helping rescue stranded people inside. On that day, Zhu Dan, Li Biaozhi, Yi Weixian, Ouyang Hua, Luo Xiaojun, Bao Yu, Ma Lei, Tian Yubao, Zhou Yong, and other earthquake relief service members, accepted the flowers and honor given by the company in enthusiastic applause and attention.

Yi Weixian, a member of the relief service team, told of his working and surviving experience with the red eyes in the stage. He said that they hadn't had the slightest retreat but could only go forward with a race against time in the event of aftershocks, to strive to save one more life in a due obligation of Chinese people.

Zhu Dan, the commander-in-chief of Sany relief team, said that his greatest feeling had been shock and moving through this baptism, and he was shocked at the severely damaged disaster areas and the strong endurance and calmness of the people when confronted with the disaster, and he was moved to the presence of the warriors in the frontline of rescue and relief as well as the caring support to the quake stricken area from outside.

In the disaster areas of Sichuan, many volunteers were touched by Sany's responsibility and chivalrous deeds, so that they joined the rescue team of Sany without any hesitation. On that day, Wang Lin, Wang Ting, and Yu Qian were three of them who had came from the construction site in Anxian County, Sichuan.

'Wang Lin, Wang Ting, Yu Qian' Li Biaozhi, deputy commander-in-chief of Sany disaster relief team, called out the names of the three individuals on the site. He said that this was the highest respect to the earthquake relief warriors. He also got worked up as he told about the deeds by the three volunteers.

The youngest Wang Lin among them was only 17-year-old. He risked his life to drive the Sany excavator across a river working for construction on the high cliff in Gaochuan Village, Anxian County. When the host asked him 'Are you not afraid of the risk?', he replied, 'Everyone fears death, but it depends on what the death means. Everyone has a share of responsibility..' The 17-year-old child's answer won the applause of all at the worksite.

Zhang Zhiheng, He Zhenlin and Liang Yezhong presented the 'Honorary Staff of Sany' certificates to the three volunteers, who are the deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League, vice president of Sany Group, and CYL secretary of Sany Group respectively.


'The country needs the enterprises like Sany which takes the responsibility, and Sany needs such strong and courageous young people with warm blood – spirit of dedication', Zhang Zhiheng highly spoke of the Sany relief team.


The disaster relief team members expressed a common aspiration on that day, 'I wish Sany will be better tomorrow, I wish the prosperity of my motherland.'


Feeling sadness and pain, Harvesting warmth and touch, the safe return of the rescue team members is the glory of Sany. Up to now, there are still some of the Sany rescue team members sticking to the rescue and relief work in the front and providing technical support to the operation of heavy machinery in the disaster areas. Subsequently, Sany will also send another rescue team to Sichuan disaster areas to help them rebuild their homes.

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