Sany Reveals First Germany-Made Equipment
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2011-12-02
November 18th, Sany’s first product made in Germany, a 12m³  dry concrete mixer, was proved qualified through trial use. The customer was satisfied with its performance after it completed over 1000m³ concrete pouring and signed for acceptance of the machine.
On hearing the news, Sany’s Italian dealer CGT congratulated Sany Germany and said that owing to the product’s high quality, it is confident to sell over 50 units of such concrete mixers in the coming 2012.
SY5400GJB12 dry concrete mixer is specially designed for Italian market. In China and many other countries in the world, concrete is produced in batching plants and concrete mixers are used to transport concrete from batching plants to construction sites, while in Italy, Turkey and some African countries, concrete mixers are widely used to produce and transport concrete. SY5400GJB12 is able to weigh the raw materials according to the mixing ratio, add water to it and carry out the mixing. The concrete production and mixing are carried out in the drum, thus requiring the drum having higher abrasion resistance, the mixing structure better arranged and the control system more complicated. 
The SY5400JB12 concrete mixer, 9.5m in length and 3.9m in height, adopts a powerful four-axle chassis that meets Euro V emission standard. Before the official release, Sany Germany spent a year to do market research and some technical specifications are modified to meet European standards. All the parts used in SY5400JB12 are purchased and manufactured in Germany. The whole production process has been approved by TÜV from Germany, indicating that the product well meets the manufacturing standards of Germany.
Sany Germany will further improve the concrete mixer and start mass production next year in its Bedburg industrial park. 


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