SANY is clearly in rapid growth mode in markets around the globe, and is working hard to develop relationships with strong dealer partners who are ready to work in partnership to meet the needs of customers.  In China, we partner with the premier dealers in the industry, and together we have earned a position of dominance in almost every product we manufacture. In markets outside of China, we are busy finding partners with a vision towards what we can do together over the next 5, 10, and 50 years. 

Today we have more than 100 dealer partners outside of China, and continue to grow this number each month. SANY knows its role: to deliver machines and parts that meet the local market specifications on time, with a high quality product. Our USD $1 billion investment in local R&D centers and manufacturing facilities is a real investment that demonstrates our commitment outside of China. Together, SANY and its dealer partners are listening to their customers, and working to support them in their local market with on-time service, support, and parts.

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