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Sany América Latina Inc., one of Sany’s fastest growing overseas divisions, was established in Panama City, Panama, in October, 2013, and now has presence in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panamá, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina and other countries.

In 2013, Sany América Latina Inc. sold more than 200 units throughout its region, including motor graders, rollers, excavators, mining trucks, port equipment, mobile cranes and crawler cranes. This includes the STC1000C, the most advanced five-axle truck crane, and the SAC2200, the first Sany all-terrain crane.

Also in 2013, the company provided the Sany SCC7500 crawler crane to the No.1 transportation and lifting company in Colombia, the only 827 US ton (750 t) crawler crane with a special extended crawler design, for duty at a wind turbine project. Sany continues to break records in the export of large-tonnage crawler cranes from China.

At the same time, Sany Latin-America has developed a regional distributor network throughout Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Uruguay and Costa Rica. With both Sany and its distributors sharing the same vision, the company provides the best in service and parts support in the region.

With its spare parts distribution center in Panama managed by Sany Latin-America itself in 2014, the company is able to provide the most parts in the shortest time throughout every corner of Latin America.

Big Events for Sany Latin-America
The first and unique 750 T Crawler Crane which was designed for wind energy for the No.1 transportation and lifting company in Colombia. It has set the record in the exportation of specific large-tonnage crawler cranes in the history of China.

Sany Latin-America Contact:
Daniel Li 
Tel: 0057-3183055113

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