China Largest Horizontal-axial Roadheader Coming Off Production Line at SANYI Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.
Type : Dynamics
Date of Release : 2011-09-26


The first independently developed Horizontal-axial Cantilever Roadheader EBH418 successfully came off production line at SANYI Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd on July 31st. The successful development of this product not only rewrote the history of SANYI not having horizontal-axial roadheader, but also represents the largest power and the highest standard of horizontal-axial roadheaders in domestic market, which symbolized that SANYI has become the real “Roadheaders Department Store” in coal mining industry.


SANYI EBH Series represents the horizontal-axial cantilever roadheaders. They belong to one of the part-sectioned roadheaders with all direction cantilever, can cut harder rocks and dig any shape of section. Horizontal-axial roadheader has two symmetrical cutting heads and the main axle of the cutting heads is vertical to the cantilever, which determines that it has lighter lateral force and more stable cutting.


EBH418 Horizontal-axial Roadheader developed by SANYI not only inherits the advantages of those traditional horizontal-axial roadheaders, but also possesses many creative designs and some of the technologies are domestic or world leading, which represents the latest trend of roadheaders development in China. This equipment is suitable for drivage of large-sectioned coal or hard rock roadways, with Economic cutting hardness≤f10 and maximum cutting hardness≤f13and adaptable for all types of floors with a gradient ≤±16 degree. It can achieve continuous cutting, loading and transportation, and can be used in tunnel construction working such as railways, roads and watering projects, etc. 

“Due to the large power and special structure, EBH418 is full of frustration and hardships during the testing of development.” Mechanical Engineer Liu Wenqun who participates in this project said. “Although we understand that we will face some difficulties before the designing, there are still lots of unexpected difficulties and uncertainties after the starting in early 2010. We confront with difficulties and tested over and over again, finally we conquered those difficulties and moved a big step ahead.”

“We can relax slightly when we complete all of the design drawings in August, 2010. But the next period of manufacturing the product is not easy either: the purchasing department and R&D department personnel always go to the outsourcing factories directly to trace and direct the progress of the parts nights and days because of the difficulty of making those long supply period parts. Overload working has become ordinary for us. Of course, we also pay much attention to our factory-made parts. And we would be on site within the shortest time if problem occurs no matter on holidays or after work. In May this year, our workshop staffs worked hardly and overtime and finished the assembly of the main structure in only one month, and the quality assurance staffs inspected the quality strictly. All of these has made solid foundation for our EBH418 roadheader successfully come off the production line.”

EBH418 will face up rigid industrial testing underground in order to become more reliable. With the continuous improvement and maturity of the product in the future, we expect that SANYI horizontal-axial roadheaders will be well-recognized in China and all over the world. ( Reporter: Guo Jianjun)

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