Top Ten Events and Honors of Sany Group in 2010
Type : Press Release
Date of Release : 2011-08-10

2010 is a fruitful year. Sany continued to commit itself to promoting and leading the upgrading and advancement of equipment manufacturing industry. We seized immense opportunities and made large investments in R&D and innovation. We achieved steady growth and sound performance.


2010 is a glorious year. Premier Wen Jiabao visited Sany for the third time. Sany became the first listed company with its market cap topping RMB 100 billion. Sany’s crawler crane was selected by the Chilean government for the rescue of 33 trapped miners in San Hose Copper Mine. All these testify to Sany’s first-class products and excellent reputation at home and abroad.

Here we have selected the top ten most influential events of Sany Group in 2010. Looking to the future, Sany will continue to work on the great goal of "becoming a world-class enterprise".
 Top Ten Events
· Sany Heavy Industry Invests 200 Million USD in Brazil
On February 22, Sany Heavy Industry invested 200 million USD in the construction of an engineering machinery manufacturing base in Brazil, which is the largest single external investment project of Sany to date. Brazil is the fourth stop on Sany's journey to becoming a global player, following the establishment of manufacturing and R&D facilities in India, America, and Germany. Sany's physical presence in Brazil marks the completion of the first phase of Sany's strategic layout in the world.    
· Launch of China's First 1000-Ton Class All-Terrain Crane
On March 3, Sany officially launched the first thousand-ton all-terrain crane, an outstanding product of its independent R&D and innovation. This marks a great leap forward for the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and the start of their march to high-end machinery market.
· First "Natural Disaster Orphans Support Foundation"  Established in China
On April 14, a major earthquake hit Yushu, Qinghai Province. Sany Heavy Industry dispatched rescue personnel and machinery to the epicenter in the shortest possible time. Sany Heavy Industry also declared the setting up of the "China Sany Natural Disaster Orphans Support Foundation" with a donation of 15 million RMB yuan, which is the first foundation dedicated to the support, education and training of children orphaned by natural disasters.
· Premier Wen Jiabao Visits Sany Ningxiang Industrial Park
In the morning of July 2, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected Sany"s Ningxiang Industrial Park in Changsha, accompanied by Governor of Hunan Province Zhou Qiang, Deputy Governor of Hunan Province Xu Shousheng, and leaders of relevant departments and ministries of the State Council. Wen Jiabao attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for China's first thousand-ton class crane developed independently by Sany and highly commended Sany on what it had achieved in recent years.   
· Sany's Crawler Crane Joins in the Rescue of Trapped Chilean Miners
In October, Sany's service engineer Hao Heng and a Sany SCC4000 crawler crane joined the international rescue effort of 33 miners trapped underground in a copper mine accident in Chile. Mr. Hao was the only Asian at the rescue site, while Sany's crawler crane stood out as the only machine on-site made by an Asian manufacturer.
· Market Cap of Sany Heavy Industry Exceeds 100 Billion
On October 22, Sany Heavy Industry paid its stockholders bonus excluding rights (XR) and excluding dividends (XD) based on the semi-annual financial report. After the stock market opened quotation on that day, the stock price of Sany Heavy Industry rocketed and concluded at the highest price of 20.50 RMB yuan XR and 42.90 RMB yuan including rights. By then, the total market capitalization of Sany Heavy Industry's A-Share market stock exceeded 100 billion RMB yuan for the first time and became the first listed company in the engineering machinery industry whose market cap exceeds 100 billion RMB.  
· Sany Takes on New Image at Bauma China 2010
Between November 23 and 26, Shanghai International Exposition Centre hosted Bauma China 2010 for construction machinery manufacturers from around the world. Sany was a trendsetter at this grand event with its state-of-the-art products and leading-edge technologies. With eye-catching international communication approaches, Sany showcased its personality of confidence, strength and grandeur and conveyed the concept of “joining hands to create a harmonious world”, which added new value to Sany’s brand image. At Bauma China 2010, Sany landed RMB 3.18 billion worth of product orders and pocketed RMB 140,000 for souvenir sale.
· Inauguration of Sany Auto Finance Co., Ltd.  
On December 8, Sany Auto Finance Co., Ltd. was inaugurated. This is the only auto finance company in the engineering machinery industry of China. With the support of a financial service platform of its own, Sany will be able to integrate its industrial capital with its financial capital, and accelerate the development of its main business and establishment of a world-class brand.
· Executive President Yi Xiaogang Voted Top Ten National Outstanding Scientists
In December, China Association for Science and Technology announced the results of the election of "National Outstanding Scientists", the first ever held in China. Yi Xiaogang, Executive President and Chief Scientist of Sany Group, Zhong Nanshan and other eight scientists around China were awarded this honor. The title "National Outstanding Scientist" is a life-long honor for an awardee. Yi Xiaogang is the only winner of this honor in the engineering machinery industry of China.
· Annual Sales Volume of Excavators Tops 12,000 Units
By the end of December, the annual sales volume of excavators of the company had topped 12,000 units, making it more conspicuous the top brand position of Sany excavators in China. In 2009, Sany outperformed Caterpillar in market share of excavators in China and now it has been taken as a major competitor by Komatsu, the world's number one brand of excavators.
Top Ten Honors of the Year
· Sany Rated as Exemplary Employer for In-depth Study and Practice of Scientific Outlook on Development
In March 2010, the Innovative Leadership Team of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee conferred on Sany the honor of "Exemplary Employer for In-depth Study and Practice of Scientific Outlook on Development".
· Sany Heavy Industry Rated "Listed Company with Greatest Growth Potential"
In a rating published on the on May 29 by the Center for Market Capitalization Management and Research of Chinese Listed Companies, which aimed at appraising the development of the Chinese securities market in the past 20 years, Sany Heavy Industry won three awards: "Listed Company with Greatest Potential for Sustainable Growth", "Listed Company Most Favored by Investors", and "Listed Company Doing the Most in Corporate Social Responsibility".  
· Sany Heavy Industry ROI Ranked Fifth in the World 
In September, the Boston Consulting Group released a report after a research of 712 listed companies in 14 sectors worldwide. According to the report, between 2005 and 2009 Sany Heavy Industry's return on investment (ROI) ranked fifth place in the world, first place among engineering machinery companies in the world, and second place among   companies in mainland China. 
· Sany Enters Top 100 Asian Brands List Fourth Time
The "Asia's Most Influential Brands 2010" were unveiled in Hong Kong in September. Sany Heavy Industry was among the top 100 Asian brands for the fourth consecutive time, ranking 91st place in Asia and first place among Chinese engineering machinery manufacturers. Its Chairman Wengen Liang was awarded the "Asian Brand Personage of the Year". This was the fourth time when Sany enters the Top 100 Asian Brands list.
· Sany Enters Top 500 Chinese Brands List for Fourth Time
The list of 2010 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises was released in Hefei, Anhui Province in September. Sany Group took 205th place with an annualized sales revenue of 30.6 billion RMB yuan. This is the fourth time when Sany enters the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. Sany moved up 61 places compared with 2009.       
· Sany Heavy Industry Rated "Best Employer of University Graduates" for Third Time, a major job-searching portal in China, released its 8th annual list of Chinese university graduates' best employers in September 2010. Sany Heavy Industry was among the top 10 in the mid-west region of China and ranked fifth in the manufacturing/electric sector. This is the third consecutive time Sany Heavy Industry enters the list of "Best Employers for University Grauduates".
· Sany Wins China Standard Innovation Award
In September 2010, China Standardization Administration made public winners of "China Standard Innovation Award". This award is the highest honor in the field of standardization in China. The corporate standard for Asphalt-cement Mortar Semi-trailer of Sany Heavy Industry was awarded the second prize, making Sany one of the few award-winners in the engineering machinery industry.
· Sany's Energy-saving Patent Won "Gold Award for Patents in China"
In November, led by Executive President of Sany Heavy Industry Yi Xiaogang, Sany developed a patent named "method of energy-saving control for concrete pumps" and won the "Gold Award for Patents in China" – the highest honor for patents conferred by the Chinese government.
· Sany Crane Won Red Star Gold Award for Innovative Designs
In November, the winners list of Red Star Innovation Award of China, acknowledged as the Academy Award in industrial designing, was announced in the Beijing Exhibition Center. Sany's truck crane won the gold medal of Red Star Innovation Award – the only gold medal awarded to an enterprise in the construction machinery industry.
· EVA of Sany Heavy Industry Ranks No.1 among All Private Companies
In December, The Investor released the list of "Best Managed Companies". Sany Heavy Industry topped all the other 529 private enterprises on the list with its EVA (economic value added) up to RMB 3.319 billion yuan. EVA equals the after-tax trading profit less the summation of liabilities and cost of equity capital. It is the income after all costs are deducted. A positive EVA value means management of the company has created EVA for its investors.




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