Paradeep IFFCO Plant & IOCL Plant, Orissa
Type : Construction Cases
Date of Release : 2010-11-27

Customer Name: B Mahapatra Construction
Phone number: 9437318242
                                 06722 222293.
Project: Road Project
Site Address: B Mahapatra Construction. Paradeep IFFCO Plant & IOCL Plant. HIG 27. Gourav Vihar. Paradeep 754142
Customer: B Mahapatra Construction
Detail of Project: Paradeep IFFCO Plant & IOCL Plant, Orissa
Project Value: 150 Crores
Duration of Project: One Year
Project Completion Date: 2011
SANY Transit Mixers Model: SY5251GJBY(B) mounted on AMW Chasis. Both the Machines are working perfectly now.




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